Family Camping Tents

Spending time with your family next to a gushing stream, having an evening meal with them next to a bonfire, or just waking up to a glorious sunrise from behind the mountains – Few things bring people closer to nature as camping with your family. While it may feel more exhilarating and adventurous to simply cocoon yourself inside a sleeping bag and retire between forest pines, it’s a little difficult to do so when you have little kids at tow. That is where family camping tents come handy.

              With varying facilities such as double doors, standing rooms, awnings, speedy pitch, single-person setup and many others to choose from, you can have a peaceful night’s sleep without having to worry about your family’s safety and comfort. Read on to learn about the different tents for camping with your family.

The Wyoming Trail 4 Tent

Wyoming Trail 4 Tent

While family camping trips is all about togetherness, if you have growing children they might want their own space. You too might want to spend some alone time with your partner or a close friend. The Wyoming Trail 4 tent is an ingenious design with two separate tents of two persons each that are connected within a single structure. The set up is fairly simple and comes with a convenient awning, which can be lowered and zipped at night for added security.

The Frontier 6 & 8

Frontier tent

The Frontier tents are one of the kind in that they are the only ones made of canvas in the vestibule design category. Equipped to withstand treacherous weather as well as the scorching heat, it comes with mesh panelled windows and more than enough space to make it a perfectly suitable family tent for all seasons. For those with a big family, these tents can hold up to 6 and 8 persons, and are durable and sturdy enough to provide safe and comfortable shelter to your tribe.

Kingdom 8

Kingdom 8 Tent

This giant of a tent can hold up to a minimum of 8 people and looks no less than a miniature home propped up on terra firma. At 77 inches, it provides adequate height for upright movement and the rectangular floor structure helps to maximise ground space. The tent has a dividing wall in the middle that can be put up any time for added privacy. An attached garage turns wonderfully into a lounge area. You can choose to screen it from the sun or keep it open to enjoy the surrounding vista or to star gaze at night.

Docking Station


This 6-person family tent packs in pretty much everything that camping family tents can possibly provide. Sold as a modular assemblage, the base unit serves as a standalone tent that can hold 6 people. If you need some extra space, 2 and 4 seater add-on tents are available that can be joined along with the central mesh screen room to give you your very own private den.

Outback Lodge

Outback Lodge tent

The Outback might remind you of the early days of camping when tents were little more than canvas propped on poles for shelter. However, don’t be deceived by its flimsy appearance. This scrumptiously inexpensive shelter, that can easily accommodate 6 people, is reported to stand ground in rain, storm and even snow. With an additional helping hand, you can have this tent ready and good to crawl into within 5 minutes.

            Finding the right tent is crucial for any camping trip as no one wants to retire to a shoddy, uncomfortable place after a day’s travelling. This list of camping tents for the family will enable you to make the most suitable buy so you can enjoy your time with your people.

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