Emergency Camping Supplies

Being prepared for emergency situations is important when you’re out camping. There is no alternative to preparedness when travelling in unknown lands, especially if the trip involves camping and adventure. Being prepared with necessary equipment and emergency camping supplies will leave you with an assurance of safety and allow you to enjoy your outdoor trip with a greater peace of mind. Before you leave, keep in mind the nature of the place that you’re visiting, its temperature and weather conditions, its terrain and connectivity to civilization and the duration of your trip. That said, there are a few mandatory things that should be a part of your emergency camping supplies kit irrespective of any condition.

Emergency camping supplies

Navigation Equipment

You can never be too confident about roads and directions. Especially, if you’re out on a family camping trip, navigation tools like maps, compass and a GPS device are must-haves in your travel kit. A detailed topographical map showing forest trails and easy to miss bends and turns can be indispensable when you’re backpacking in the wilderness.

Emergency First Aid Kit

If you’re on medication, put your regular pills inside the kit. Different people react differently to atmospheric conditions. You can never be too well equipped when it comes to stocking your first aid kit. Be sure to carry inhalers, anti nausea tablets, digestive pills and some paracetamols or aspirins. Also put in a wad of cotton, a bottle of antiseptic solution, a roll of bandage and a pair of scissors.

Sun Protection

Carry your shades to keep your eyes protected as you walk long stretches during your camping trip. Bring along sunscreen lotions if you have plans to spend long hours under the sun or in the open. Take note that they have UVA and UVB protection to keep you shaded from harmful ultraviolet rays.

An Extra Set of Clothing

Rain, fire, dirt – there’s no scarcity of ways in which your clothes can get sullied. An extra set of clothes can come handy in such unfortunate circumstances. Select your clothes keeping in mind the season in which you’re travelling and the weather condition of the place to which you’re going.

Extra Food and Water

If you’re going for a long distance camping trip, be sure to carry at least a day’s worth of extra food and water for each member. There can be any number of causes for a delayed return. Pack in a few cans of frozen food, energy bars, dry fruits or instant noodles, just enough to get your family by in case you are held up beyond expected duration. Moreover, continued digestion helps in keeping the body warm in chilly weather conditions. Therefore, carry some munchies that you can work on while you retire for the night.

Power Back Up

When you’re out camping in the wild you will hardly expect charging sockets at your disposal. Carrying fully charged power banks are a must so that your cell phones don’t bail out on you due to dry battery. If you’re camping in an RV, an extra cylinder of cooking gas can come handy in sticky situations.

Emergency Lights

Bring individual torches and flashlights for each member of your camping group along with spare batteries for emergency purpose. Since you won’t find electricity at your disposal, you will need adequate artificial lights in the form of candles, electric candles, match sticks and emergency flashlights.

Repair Kit

From straightening a tent pole to fixing a leak in the water filter, your repair tool kit should contain adequate equipment to help you take care of small glitches during your camping trip. Chief among these ought to be nails, screw drivers, a multipurpose swiss knife, bottle and can openers, duct tape, a length of rope and, if you’re carrying self-inflating mattresses, necessary tools to handle punctures.

Insect Repellents

The beauty of the backcountry often comes in its complete package, that is, with all the creatures that mother Nature has given birth to. Carry insect repellents so that you can enjoy the wilderness without allowing bugs to ruin your peace of mind.


Silly as it may sound right now, a whistle can turn out to be your life saver if an unfortunate situation arises. In the unlucky event that a member of your group or family gets separated during a hike or backcountry wandering, whistle sounds can signal their presence easily.

           Whether you are going for a camping trip or for any outdoor adventure activities, being well-prepared for any emergency situation is the way of a smart camper. Access the right gear you need and be sure to make your trip more safe and pleasant.

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