How to Buy Camping Tables

Camping tables are essential to every camping trip as they provide a central location for group activities. But how do you filter through all the options and choose the right one? The variety and choice when it comes to camping gear is endless. The perfect camping table has to be strong yet light enough to carry easily, small enough to put away easily but big enough for everyone to use and stable enough to avoid spillage. Here’s a guide to help you buy the right camping table.

Camping Table

Size – How Many People?

The first thing you want to make sure is that your camping table accommodates everyone on the trip. Buying a camping table barely suitable for your family size could be quite short sighted. This is a table you would want to re-use for future camping trips too. Make an estimate of the average size of your group when you go out camping. A medium sized table accommodates up to four people while a larger one could accommodate six to eight people. Check if it is more convenient to buy two small tables instead of a single large one.

Function – What Is the Purpose of the Camping Table?

There are different camping tables that serve different needs. Camping tables can come with different features based on whether they are used to prepare food or eat food on. There are specific models that come with a washstand and attachments that help you clean up after a meal too. A camping table for board games and other activities doesn’t have to be as sturdy as one used to serve a meal on. There are also smaller, easier to stow tables and folding tables for camping that can be used in the tent or by the campfire to keep your beverages and belongings on.


Height and dimensions are important checks before buying a camping table. Check if the height of the table is convenient for your group’s usage. Make sure the camping table is compatible with the chairs you pick. Nobody wants to struggle and hunch over a table that’s too low lying or too high. If you have kids, ensure that the table is convenient to access from the child seat as well. Also, ensure that the camping tables and the chairs allow the campers for plenty of elbow space to avoid poking with elbows.

Material and Portability

The material of the camping table is crucial. Small, camp side tables could have fabric tops and offer great portability. For larger tables, the choice is between different woods or metal. Both offer a wide range of weight, durability and portability. If the choice is metals like aluminum or steel, make sure they are well painted so they don’t rust. Foldable tables also come with a hinge in the middle of the surface that can make them more portable than unhinged table tops. Material plays a big role in portability so make sure you choose the one that serves a purpose and is light on you too.

                All things considered, the key points to keep in mind are size, functionality or use, the kind of material, strength, durability, portability and cost. Find the balance that best suits the needs of your family or camping group and you should be all set.

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