How to Choose the Perfect Family Campsite

The right campsite can make or break your family camping trip. Selecting a poorly maintained campsite with inadequate amenities and lack of children’s recreation can ruin your camping trip before it even begins. Different families have different needs. Some might want to rough it out and look forward to nature-based activities while others might seek the comfort of a swimming pool and a golf course. Your campsite should be ideally suited to the needs of your family. Let’s take a look at some of the checks to select the campsite best suited for your family.

Family campsite

Distance from Home

If you have a large family with all age groups, it would be wise to pick a camp site close to home. This way you could always poop back home in case you forget something on the trip and also ensures that your family is not weary from all the traveling. This is easier for a suburban family than one that’s based out of a city. If a closely situated campsite is not an option, plan out your rest stops during your travel so that the family is fresh and ready for the camping expedition.

Meeting the Family’s Needs

Know exactly what you’re looking for at your campsite. Some families might not be comfortable living isolated from all their comforts of modern life. Call ahead and enquire with the park to see what amenities are on offer. For instance, some members of the family might not be comfortable without a hot shower or a flushable toilet. Camping grounds can be diverse – they could be completely devoid of running water, electricity and toilets or even be equipped with heated pools, hobby rooms, Wi-Fi and cable TV. Choose the site that best suits the needs of your family.

Camping Activities

Enquire with the park about the activities on offer – especially for kids. If you have very young kids, adventure sports like kayaking and rafting might not be advisable. Check if the campsite offers play and activity areas for your young ones. Also consider the terrain of the hiking paths. Older members and toddlers both can find steep, difficult terrain hard to navigate around, which could make the trek a hassle. Find a campsite with activities that involve the whole family like group bicycling, nature walks and swimming.

Private Campgrounds vs. State Parks

Private parks often provide more luxury and comfort compared to state parks but rob you from the full experience of ‘roughing it’ outdoors. The cost difference between the two can be quite significant. State parks charge nominally and are sure to be well maintained whereas private parks could be a bit of a gamble while being slightly pricier. Consider both options before picking your campsite. However, State Parks have larger sites and a good number of campsites compared to private campgrounds. So decide what side are you on.

               The trick to a successful family camping trip is to balance the needs of all the members of various age groups while also making the fullest use of what nature has to offer. Always do your homework and research the campsite online, call ahead or talk to friends who have visited the sites earlier to make sure you find the perfect family campsite.

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